musical memes

The wigster has tagged me once again (I still have the 8 random facts in my drafts…only 5 more to go) but this time its related to music, so requires virtually no brain power. Which is nice.
Something to do with picking a tune that inspires you to write or some such. Could be anything really, depending on the mood I’m in, but all in all, what gets my brain juices flowing is generally something that flows, not too bouncy, not too slow, something with a bit of a dark edge to it, but with energy, something that hints at tales to be told, thoughts, dreams and desires.
The soundtrack to my creativity keeps changing, but there are always old favourites. These guys are new favourites who I think are going to be inspiring me for a while yet. There is no video, so this is set to a donnie darko montage, which works pretty well. The movie had that kind of thoughtful dark edge, with a touch of total weirdness that seems to permeate my writing.

The tagging….well, there aren’t many people left that I read that haven’t already been tagged. I am Billy no-mates you see.
Here are the offical rules for those of you who can be bothered to participate and were confused by my vague summation above:

The assignment: Think of THE song that most inspires you to write, whether it gives you an idea for a story, script or just puts you into a better frame of mind AND/OR peek into the lyrics and find a verse that sums up the theme of whatever project it is you’re working on. If possible, post a video of the song to convey to readers the full context of the song and the mood it puts you into. Finally, send the assignment to five other writers to do as well.

I tag the chimp, he seems to be spending some serious time on youtube recently, so he’s bound to have some gems, and his writing ain’t half bad too 😉
Ms Purrr, because we share the same music taste, and it will freak her out to have a horde of nutters suddenly descend on her peaceful blog about art and tomatoes.
Anonymous mum, because she is always writing about those she loves and never about herself, bless her heart.
secretlifeofamanicdepressive because it’ll keep her busy until she can afford to eat, and I want to see if there’s any bonzo dog doo dah band on youtube.
Aikaterine, because she has a couple of days to kill and needs a blog kick start.

All done. I can go back to being ill now.