cake or death

Another nearly two months slides by, like a slightly greased piglet sneaking through the undergrowth. 

This isn’t much of a recovery blog is it? Haha, I am feeling much better, and I will take my secrets to my grave with me. See you in hell suckers! 

To be honest, I don’t see much benefit in sharing the secrets of my success with those who come after. I am me, and you – I fear – are you. What is good for the goose… and such. 

I won’t recapitulate the ‘shall I shan’t I?’ conversations that have gone in my head (sorry, but having one of those things where a word looks all weird and I can’t figure out if it is actually a real word or just something my mind made up on the spur. Shan’t. Can’t be real can it? What is it contracted from? Oh, I just gave in and looked it up. It is real, and is contracted from Shall not. So thats alright then. got to kill these parentheses….’Shut it down!’ – Dark City, 1998) about stopping blogging althogether, or starting a new blog in which I no longer feel the pressure to blog about the inner workings of my mind for fear everyone (i.e the two people who probably still have me in their feedoramas) gets bored and wanders off. If nobody reads your blog do you cease to exist? Like Gods? On a tangent, wouldn’t it be great if God/Goddess/Gods/Whoever had a blog. ParticuIarly God. Gods and Goddesses have it alright. They’re pretty hip right now. I think it would endear such an outdated figure like God to a whole new audience if God himself gave regular updates on his thoughts about his creation. Perhaps weighed in on the big political debates of the day. Maybe I should suggest it to the pope?
Does the pope have a blog? I must investigate.  

roflbot-iahmApparently not. But he should have. My point exactly. They’re not even trying to engage with the youth of today are they? Is it any surprise that teenagers are all flopping around with funny coloured hair being all angst filled.

I ran out of steam on this blog post. I just had a two day break, which mostly consisted of me having a migraine. Had to spend the day in bed yesterday. Still had a headache when I woke up this morning, but dragged myself into work anyway. I necked a handful of paracetemol driving into work, trying to enjoy the new chumbawumba album that my dad sent me (but failing because it’s folky…folky!) washed down with freshly ground coffee (because thats how you fix migraines goddamit!) 
I envy the people who arise early in the morning, wash, shave, perform the daily ablutions, sit down to a civilised breakfast, drink coffee whilst watching a little CNN or some such. They drive into work humming a little song or something pondering their days tasks. 

My mornings consists of re-setting the alarm 15 minutes further on, sleeping some more, re-setting the alarm again. Once I’m good and late, I fall out of bed, stumble around the house pretending I don’t’ really need to shave, pour hot water into a cafetiere which I haul out to the car with me and pour into my thermos cup which has the rancid remains of several days of old coffee in it. I drive to work, trying to clear dreams from my mind, and confusing reality with my demented hallucinations. 

Every day I swear I will get up earlier, have a sensible morning and be on time and prepared. Every morning I fail. 

Still, at least I have a job and make it to work. Thats a fairly major feat I think. 


I would write more, but I fear I will wander off for another two days. I’ll just start another post.