Change is Good Part 2

I am playing with the new QuickPress feature on the dashboard. It is, well, quick.
(Aside: Where the hell did Dame Wiggy go? Wiggy! Why do you keep disappearing when my back is turned…
What was all that malarkey with Marco and why did that happen? I never understand anything that goes on at your blog…are you constantly drunk? Did the crazed woman stop stalking you, for whatever reason that was happening, which you didn’t explain properly either…unless you did it in some kind of youtube pictionary way. Thinking about it, I think possibly Dame Wiggy may have been one of those feral children who turn up and speak their own strange language, only instead of strange grunts and runes, Wiggy used youtubes as some kind of interpretive symbolism)
Ok so that was less of an aside and more of a whole paragraph. Sorry.

No. Crap. I lost the thread again. I’ll come back.