Things that make me go crazy

I am formulating a list. Yes, a list. I gave in.

This is a catalogue of weak points. I thought it would be easy to list all my psych-triggers, mad-catapults and depression-springs, but maybe due to memory problems, mental blockages or other such mindweasels I am having a hard time. I’ll come back to it.

Stuff that more often that not leads to some manner of craziness.

  • My partner disagreeing with me (not always just sometimes. I would need a post to go into this properly)
  • Social Gatherings of more than, er, one person.
  • Being late (usually only for meetings with strangers or business related things, unless I have a friendly relationship with the business related thing people)
  • Being stuck behind slow moving traffic (unless I am feeling calm)
  • Not knowing where something is (not all the time)
  • Too much noise, noise being defined as sound that is both loud and not pleasant to me (most of my music is exempt from this obviously, but it is familiar and therefore safe)
  • Being too hot makes me irritable, which in me pretty much leads to anger problems.

Anyone wishing to share their own particular triggers is welcome. It might help me remember.