And while we’re at it, another essay, a little more meaty though, attempting to look at how comprehensive the notion Of caste seems to be in defining personhood in indian society.
More Alice in wonderland quotes…it really is a great book for quotes that mean whatever you want them to!
No, really, this ones a bit more scholarly. I used books and everything.

caste and personhood



Folllowing up the earlier essay reprint on how ethnography should be written, part two of the series, ‘How should ethnography be read?’ comes shambling along, hands in pockets, a cocky sneer on its face.

“…and what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversations?”

Get to it then…

Perhaps some search engine fodder to help those stuggling Anthropology students out there….

Free anthropology essays! Come and get ’em ‘ere. While they’re erm, hot….