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  1. So I was talking with some people the other day and they were like “why hasn’t D.G.F.E. taken up the music challenge meme?” and I was like “he prefers Dark Entries, and I think he’s like totally busy working and just being, you know?” and then they said “we think it’s because he has a small weiner”, and I was like “dude, the man it totally hung” and they were like “no way, we’ve seen the photos and it’s totally like a gherkin” and then they showed me the photos and… well, I totally understand now if you don’t want to do the music challenge meme.


  2. They’ve told me they prefer to be called “pixelated sex workers” but, no, in this case real people were involved. You can see them if you want to, just open my blog and there they are in the upper right hand corner. Sometimes we just sit and stare at each other for hours… most of the time we don’t even need to speak, because we have this wonderfully intimate connection where we can read each others thoughts. Anyway, everyone will know you have a small penis if you ignore the meme.

  3. I do have a tiny tiny penis and I don’t care who knows it. I was going to do the meme anyway. Its just that, well, I have a job, and a life, so didn’t think 24 hours was that long a delay. If I’d known you were staring at the screen 24/7 waiting for responses, well, actually, I still wouldn’t have done it yet.
    I’ll get to it though…Maybe after me and the lady have built the new quad core monster of doom. Of course then I’ll probably be whacking the texture quality up to full on Crysis and spending the next week knee deep in heads.

  4. I know you’ve got PS3 envy.

    I’ve been staring at the screen while writing about the Spanish Flu… so basically refreshing the “My Comments” page occasionally is a nice break between writing and researching about the deaths of over 50 million people.

    Funny stuff:

  5. ha.
    Your ps3 is is puny in comparison to our monstro-PC with quad core ninja powers. Granted I must wait to savour the delights of GTA IV, but I’d only get stuck on some stupid mini-helicopter mission anyway and spend my life in the betting shop earning a fortune on the horses.

    Are you going to let us read your flu epic? I like miseryhistory. Makes me feel better about myself.

    I will try to put a playlist together. but i have a migraine atm so it may come out a bit weird.

  6. The mini-heli missions were easy so there’s a good chance you’re retarded.

    The flu story is more about how this region dealt with it than the flu itself, but I’ll probably put some excerpts up. So far the cool stuff is in how the quarantine procedures were already in place because people were dealing with Typhoid and Small Pox; how the war got in the way of reporting on the pandemic, and; the bizarre advertisements for cures and treatments.

    I’ve gone through the 1918 and 1919 archives of the local paper and the ads tell more of the story than the paper does. Although the paper did occasionally publish the names from “last weeks dead list” on the front page, it rarely commented on the effects of the disease locally… although it did publish the occasional wire-story.

    I’m thinking that maybe you just don’t know seven people to pass the meme onto. But that’s okay dude, someone has to kill the children and the bunnies.

  7. I take it back, I fucking hated the Zero missions in San Andreas. The “Supply Line” mission* was fucking stupid, but “Air Raid”**… with David Cross screaming in my ear, I broke a controller on those missions.

    “He’s going for my transmitters… CJ, bogies at 12 o’clock…”
    BAMBAMBAM motherfucker, three to the head…

    * http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4NP5nmhmeQ

  8. your tubes keep snaffling you up in my spam filtration system.
    We just spent 8 hours putting together the beast PC from hell. I have no time for playlists or anything else.
    I definitely dont know 7 people to meme, but I’ll do it anyway. Do bunnies still die?

  9. Call of Duty running at 1680×1050 resolution on a 22′ screen at full texture settings is really quite good fun.
    The new subwoofer is a little scary though.
    I’ll get to that list now.

  10. That was pretty random.
    It’s a good job I know that you’re continuing a conversation scattered across time and space (or other blogs at least), otherwise I’d have to suspect you were a bit mad.

    • I stopped reading past several of the Comments. Actually, about me being one of Gabe’s Sex Darlings due to Blog Placement?

      If so, I’m very flattered! If not, I’m flattered anyway, because we still have a “special love” for each other.

      However, it’s the penis issue I want to address. He’s being modest.

      I have pictures of him and his tattoos. He sent me them years ago! So, trust me. I have all the evidence anyone would ever need.

      You remember, don’t you ferret? You had to move all over, clothes up and down. So cheeky and sexy.


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