Testing Scribefire

Contemplating whether I would blog more (at all) if I could write from within my browser, as i have become very lazy with all the tweeting from firefox, and facebook integration with my igoogle homepage. Logging into wordpress is just too painful. By the time I’ve done that the moment has passed. So checking out scribefire, a firefox add-on.


2 thoughts on “Testing Scribefire

  1. Oh, I forgot as I have just gotten up recently and not started my ritualistic, tea guzzling ceremonies.

    Keep blogging!

    I know I haven’t been around to read but don’t feel offended. I haven’t been reading anyone. However, I so, so, so much love what you write and how you write.

    Your words are beautiful.

    xoxo (bribery hugs and kisses now!) *laughing*

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