Change is good, although the menus suck

I have a little rant about WordPress 2.7

So, WordPress 2.7. Turned out ok, all ajaxy goodness. Drag and drop, turning off of things I don’t need….categories and tags back in the right hand column where they belong. 

Still some bugs in Google Chrome, but you know, I’ll forgive that for now. 

The menu though? Sheesh what a pile of cack. Granted the existing menu system was awful involving 72 clicks to get anywhere, but as anyone who has used self-hosted wordpress with the ozh dropdown menu plugin, we were kind of hoping WordPress would have the good sense to implement something similar. The ozh menus are so easy to use, they take up no screen real estate – one click and you are where you want to be.

2.7 has a side menu that has neither the elegance of ozh drop down menus, nor the simplicity of the old menu system. 

in order to have access to the stuff you need, you need to have all the menus open at once, which then involves you scrolling up and down like a demented er, scrolly thing. Why not implement a system whereby the menu drops down when you hover over the arrow? Why not have the menu you previously had open automatically close up when you open another menu? Why not give us some more options to have the menu work the way we prefer? Everything else is customisable, but the menu is stuck in this useless testament to usability failure. 

I did have a brief moment of joy when I discovered that I could turn off the open and close menu crap and get a pop out menu instead, but you only have icons with that method, and I don;t need to be trying to remember which icon means what. 

The dashboard is riddled with ajax drag and drop usefulness. Why not allow us to move menu sections up and down as we please? It is counter-intuitive. I have no notion what they were thinking of when they designed the menu. The top menu WordPress uses is great. Fast, dropdowns – get where you want to in seconds – only I rarely need any of those things very much, so getting to them fast is not much of a bonus for me. I want fast access to the stuff I use constantly, and 2.7 fails very very badly in this regard.

Saying that, the menu is the ONLY thing I don’t like about 2.7.

The ability to customise the dashboard widget placement is great, the ability to switch stuff off with the sceen options tool is great, the general UI is nice, and clean, if a little grey and wishy washy. It would be nice if there were a few colour schemes for the admin side.  (edit: I just discovered the admin colour schemes in the profile. Wish washy grey or wishy washy blue. Nice. Thanks…)

Good to see categories back on the right of the post. 

Overall, good, but with a decent menu system it would have been awesome. Oh well. Maybe 2.8 will improve things there.


I was going to do one of my patented two part posts, but the 2nd part is being slow, so I’ll do it seperately.


3 thoughts on “Change is good, although the menus suck

  1. Actually when the side menu’s are closed all you have to do is hover the cursor on top of them and the options slide out.

    I’ll tell you what’s really annoying though… little white dots moving on your screen as you try to read a black sans serif font on a beige background.

    • Yeah, I mentioned that in the post, but as I also mentioned, that option just has icons, and I spend too long trying to remember which icon is which.
      Don’t get me wrong, the old system sucked pretty badly so at least they;re trying, but when you’ved used the ozh drop down menu plugin it’s hard to understand why they opted for this GUI rather than something more usable.
      When the menu is minimised simply giving the main icons a text label would be great. I would be happy. As for the snow, it amuses me. Read in the blog surfer you old goat 😉

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